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Girl’s Night – With A Twist! | NewOnLongIsland

Girl’s Night – With A Twist!

If you live on Long Island and are planning a much needed girl’s night out, it’s probably safe to say that you have checked out most of the live music venues and clubs, the hottest restaurants, and what’s playing at your local movie theater. But if you are tired of doing the same old thing each time you get together with your favorite gal pals, here are a few ideas that will bring some much needed fun to your social agenda!

Host a Painting Party

The newest social craze on the Island can bring out your creative side and add some additional beauty to your living room walls with a work of art created by you – even if you’ve never painted before…really. It’s called a painting party and you and your girls can show off your artistic skills or lack thereof while enjoying a few cocktails and laughing the night away. There are plenty of local artists that will come to your house complete with paint, brushes, easels, smocks, and all the accoutrement needed to get the painting party underway. All you have to provide are the snacks, beverages, music and laughter. If your home isn’t the ideal spot to host the festivities, many of the artists hold parties in some of your favorite pubs (usually in private rooms), and a few even have studios that are set up just for such events. The hostess typically chooses the painting that she would like her and her friends to paint from a large selection provided by the artist prior to the gathering. The art instructor provides just the right amount of instruction and supplies for all of the girls to complete their very own work of art before the evening ends. Plenty of breaks are taken in order to refill those wine glasses, check out each other’s progress and have some good laughs, and before you know it, you’ve had a fabulous night out with girls while creating your very own masterpiece. Parties usually cost $35 – $50 per person for the painting supplies – beverages and food are supplied by you. For more information about hosting a painting party, check out Paint the Town Studio in Huntington or look online for an artist near you.

Host a Spa Night Slumber Party

Surely many of you have met up with your girlfriends for a relaxing day at the spa or nail salon in order to share the latest news, but it’s difficult to catch up while getting a massage and even harder to discuss private tales while in a room full of people getting a mani/pedi. One way to get all of your girlfriends together, enjoy some well-deserved pampering, and have a lot of laughs is to throw a Spa Night at your own home. Hire a local beautician to come to your house to do manicures, pedicures, or even give make-up and hairdressing tips to you and your bffs. Many local beauticians that specialize in bridal party services are well accustomed to providing their skills in the home and can offer just the services you are looking for. Prices will vary from professional to professional so do a little research online or ask your local salon if they provide such services. If you have the house to yourself with no kids or hubby to attend to, plan to have the girls sleep over. Clear away some of the living room furniture and grab some comfy blankets and pillows. It will be the best sleepover party since you were a teen, and you will all wake-up with beautiful nails and new beauty tips to start the work week off on the right foot.

Host a Fashion Swap Party

Deep down inside we are all fashionistas, and if you love or hate to shop, it’s always nice to have something new to wear. We are all guilty at some time of buying a piece of clothing that looked great on the hanger but just doesn’t look quite as good on our body when we got home. (The guilty part is that we are sometimes too busy or lazy to return the garments). Maybe you were attracted to the luxe of a pretty pink angora sweater but realized on its first wear that you have an allergy – to angora! How great is it to buy a new pair of jeans while dieting just to find that they are too big when you slip them on the second time around? Plan a night with the gals to get together at your house to swap some of your fabulous finds. A fashion swap night works best if at least a few of your friends are similar sizes and have similar fashion tastes, but it can work with almost any group, no matter size, age, or style. Each guest brings two or three (or as many as they have) items from her closet, and gets to take home as many new items as she brings. Everyone gets to go home with a few new additions to their wardrobe without spending a dime, and you get to host a party that your friends will remember every time they put on their new fashion finds!

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