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Tipping During the Holiday Season | NewOnLongIsland

Tipping During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and along with it comes the joy of gift giving! At holiday time is when most people choose to give a little extra “thanks” to the service professionals who make our day-to-day schedule a little easier throughout the year. Traditionally, a cash tip would be the norm for some service providers such as Superintendent, Mail/Newspaper Carrier or Garbage Collector, while it is just as common to give a small gift for other providers. But in this day and age many have an array of special people to thank with a budget that doesn’t quite match. Being appreciated for extra special service is always welcome whether in the form of cash or a thoughtful gift, no matter the size. Here are some unique gifts that convey your thanks without breaking the bank!

homemade cookies


$2 Homemade Cookies wrapped in cellophane, tied with a festive bow



jar candles


$4 (price varies) 18oz Jar Candles – Scented  acmoore.com



edible gingerbread ornament


$6 Edible Gingerbread House Ornament at dylanscandybar.com



concrete teacup planter



$8 Concrete Tea Cup Planter at mothology.com



coffee stencil set


$10 Coffee Stencil Set at nathanandco.com






$12 (price varies) Freixenet Spanish Sparkling wines at your local wine seller



fruit desktop organizer



$13 Fruit Desktop Organizer at feelgift.com





$15 (price varies) Korbel California Champagne at your local wine seller



chocolate Lip Glosses


$17 Chocolate Lip Glosses at shoptheshoppingbag.com



sushi play set


$25 Sushi Play Set at landofnod.com



coctail plate set


$25 Cocktail Plate Set at crateandbarrel.com




birdseed donuts


$25 Birdseed “Donuts” at gardeners.com




kitchen chalkboard


$39 Kitchen Chalkboard at aandgmerch.com



stopper and corkscrew


$50 Bottle Stopper & Corkscrew Set (Kate Spade NY) at macys.com




You may not have a special relationship with ALL of these service providers, but I’m sure at least a few are on your list of people to thank this holiday season…

  • Assistant
  • Babysitter
  • Beauty Professional
  • Building Superintendent
  • Children’s Teacher/Tutor
  • Cleaning Person
  • Day-Care Staff
  • Dog Walker
  • Home Health Employees
  • Mail Carrier
  • Newspaper Carrier
  • Personal Trainer
  • Pet Groomer
  • Trash Collector
  • Yoga Instructor

Don’t forget to check company policies before tipping or giving holiday gifts. Some organizations prohibit employees from accepting gifts, others have cash limitations, and some welcome tips and gifts with open arms and holiday cheer!

NewOnLongIsland wishes you and your family a healthy & happy holiday season!

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