35 Spring Things to Do on LI

We Long Islanders are waiting with bated breath for the warmer weather to arrive, when we can comfortably enjoy our favorite local beaches and parks.  But until then, what is there to do on Long Island on a chilly Spring afternoon or weekend evening?  Lots!

Long Island has so many attractions and activities that we all take for granted or leave for the tourists to enjoy.  Why not take advantage of at least a few before the crowds arrive for vacation on this amazing island we call home?  And speaking of home, there’s also plenty of fun things to do without even having to leave your house.

Take our challenge and see how many new things you can do, see, and learn before the summer officially starts this Memorial Day weekend.  Grab your partner, kids, friends or neighbor and pick at least one activity you’ve been dying to try.

WARNING: Trying new things can be addictive and you may not stop until you complete them all!

  1. See if you and your friends can escape the escape room at Can You Escape? In Mineola.
  2. Make a photo book of old photos for your partner (or your mom!) on a photo site like Snapfish.
  3. Learn how to ride a motorcycle – lessons are given on the school’s motorcycles at On the Road Again Motorcycle School in Stony Brook.
  4. Visit a local art museum or the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City.
  5. Check out an off season Farmer’s Market like Massapequa Winter Market.
  6. Throw a dinner party where everyone brings a dish made from a new recipe.
  7. Have a Skype session with faraway family or friends.
  8. Learn how to play a new card game like Texas Hold’em.
  9. Reposition your living room or bedroom furniture to create a whole new look.
  10. Take a drive to check out the mansions on the East End or the Gold Coast.
  11. Instead of spending the afternoon at your favorite NoFo vineyard, try a tasting at LIV (Long Island Vodka) or Twin Stills Moonshine.
  12. Take ballroom (or samba, salsa, etc.) dance lessons at your local Arthur Murray Dance Studio.
  13. Try your hand at making your own fresh mozzarella (you can get the starter at Uncle Guisieppe’s).
  14. Play a game of tennis at your local High School.
  15. Plan your next vacation.
  16. Use YouTube to teach yourselves something new, like the tango or how to make a… (you fill in the blank).
  17. Rent a rowboat and have some fun at Blydenburgh Park’s Stump Pond.
  18. Go to a concert at The Emporium in Patchogue or The Paramount in Huntington Village.
  19. Clean out the garage – better now than wasting a perfectly good beach day on this task.
  20. Take selfies for your next holiday card.
  21. Visit the Big Duck in Flanders (It’s a tourism center and sells duck souvenirs).
  22. After a home cooked meal, go out for coffee and dessert.
  23. Host a game night with your besties – better yet, make it a pajama party.
  24. Make a list of your family’s birthdays and spend the day shopping for gifts at the mall.
  25. Visit your local animal shelter and spend some time with wo/man’s best friend.
  26. Relax and listen to a book on tape.
  27. Watch the sunrise over Long Island at Main Beach in East Hampton or Montauk Point.
  28. Get a friend to do a photo shoot and post some new profile pics on your social media pages.
  29. Plan an outing with friends and choose your activity by having everyone place their suggestion in a hat – pick one at random, and do whatever was chosen first.
  30. Volunteer with a local charity group.  A little help goes a long way.
  31. Take a road trip to visit out-of-town friends or set the plan in motion for an upcoming weekend.
  32. Start a new blog about whatever interests you most.
  33. Plant an indoor or outdoor herb garden. The mini kitchen windowsill variety makes grabbing fresh herbs a since while mid-recipe.
  34. Check out one of Long Island’s many Spring Festivals or Street Fairs.
  35. Enjoy whatever it is you find yourself doing.

If you live on Long Island, make sure to visit the places that make the Island so special. And don’t forget to check out what’s NewOnLongIsland on our Event’s Calendar and What’s New Page!

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