Long Island is located at the southeast point of New York State with New York Harbor and Long Island Sound to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Due to Long Island’s coastal location, Island temperatures lean towards the mild side as compared to the rest of the state. Temperatures greatly vary, depending on the season, and generally range between 10F and 90F through the seasons. Long Island has a relatively sunny climate, with precipitation evenly scattered throughout the year at about 3-4” of rain per month.

Long Island serves as home to over 7 million residents year-round, but receives many more visitors, mostly in the warmer months, who enjoy the island’s world famous beaches and array of summer resorts and activities.

Summer Climate on Long Island

Summers on Long Island tend to be generally warm and humid. During the day, you can expect the temps to be in the mid 80’sF. At night, temperatures drop to an average of 60F – 70F. July and August are the warmest months, while September generally starts to cool off after Labor Day. Perfect weather for: A day at the beach or water park, outdoor concerts & festivals, outdoor dining, boating…

Fall Climate on Long Island

Autumns on Long Island tend to be dry and cool. Afternoon temperatures will usually be in the mid 60’sF, while the evening temperatures drop to an average of mid 50’sF. Perfect weather for: An east end winery tour, hiking the coast, apple picking, tree “peeping”…

Winter Climate on Long Island

Winters on Long Island can either be mild, or be bitter cold with frequent snow storms. The coldest month of the year is usually January, and the snowiest is usually February. Average yearly snowfall totals range from 20” to 35” for the season. In general, daytime temps are commonly 20F – 30F. Perfect weather for: A day in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, sledding, heading to one of New York’s upstate ski & snowboard resorts…

Spring Climate on Long Island

Spring on Long Island is generally cool and can either be dry or quite rainy. During the day you can expect temperatures to be in the 50’sF and 60’sF. Nighttime temps drop to an average of 45F, but when on the cooler side, the island is known to frost during the overnight hours. Perfect weather for: A day in the garden, doing home improvements, biking, hiking the shoreline…

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