The Hamptons Wine Club

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The Hamptons Wine Club is a monthly member wine club specializing exclusively in Long Island wines. In recent years LI wines have become some of the best wines found anywhere in the world. The goal of The Hamptons Wine Club is to bring you the best wines being produced on Long Island. With only 48 wineries operating on Long Island, we get to know each wine intimately. We identify the best 48 wines produced each year and share them with our members. Each month we ship either to you as an individual, or as a special gift to a friend or loved one, a varying assortment of the best LI wines from different vineyards so you get to try something new every month. Think of it as a special gift coming to you monthly! Since many of the vineyards we source have limited production, you get to try wines not readily available at local retailers. You can either select Reds or Whites or a combination of both. When you sign on, there are no time commitments as you can cancel at any time. Just think how easy and convenient it is to have a variety of great wine delivered right to your door!

The club is owned by Bob Mate and Dave Ball. After working in the marketing and media industries for too many years to count, they decided to follow their passion and get involved in the wine business. Both owners are native New Yorkers who were delighted to discover the wines of Long Island and want to share the wealth with wine lovers throughout the country.

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