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Macaroni Kid is a Nationwide Online Publication that is updated weekly to keep parents and caregivers informed about events and activities for kids and families. I, Sandra McLaughlin, am the Publisher and Editor of Macaroni Kid Shirley. At Macaroni Kid Shirley, you can also subscribe to our FREE weekly e-newsletter to have it delivered right into your inbox so you’ll never miss another event or activity for your kids again. Get the latest on family friendly activities in the Shirley, Mastic, Moriches area by visiting the Subscribe page on our site.

Macaroni Kid Shirley also offers local business listings and/or business sponsored ads. The format is divided into separate areas so it is easier for people to navigate and easier for us publisher moms to get all the information we need to keep everyone up to date. It is a publication for moms by moms.

As a mom with four boys ages 3, 7, 12 & 14, I know first-hand how busy a day is – no one wants to flip through tons of newspapers and websites to see what’s going on, which is why you have Macaroni Kid! For all you’ll need to know, visit our Facebook page as well as our website daily. Both sites are visited often but I always welcome more visitors, comments and newsletter subscriptions.

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